Alcohol - Denatured Alcohol 95% ( Perfume Grade ) - 5L

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Denatured Alcohol 95% ( Perfume Grade ) - Natural Ethanol Extract From Sugarcane With Halal Approval. Denatured Alcohol 95% ( Perfume Grade ) suitable for use for all Muslim, all skin types and safe for babies, children or adults. BF1 Denatured Alcohol 95% ( Perfume Grade ) without harmful chemicals and will not cause headache or dizziness.

Denatured alcohol is ethanol (ethyl alcohol) made unfit for human consumption by adding one or more chemicals (denaturants) to it. Denaturing refers to removing a property from the alcohol (being able to drink it), not to chemically altering or decomposing it, so denatured alcohol contains ordinary ethyl alcohol.

Denatured Alcohol Appearance
In Malaysia, denatured alcohol clear liquid form for Perfumes and Cosmetic application.

Why Is Alcohol Denatured?
Basically, it's because alcohol is regulated and taxed by many governments. Pure alcohol, if it was used in household products, would offer a much less expensive and readily available source of ethanol for drinking. If alcohol wasn't denatured, people would drink it.

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