The Runaways Trailer

The Runaways Trailer

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The film opens with Cherie (Dakota Fanning) and her sister, Marie Currie (Riley Keough), as Cherie has just got her first period.

Marie’s boyfriend, Derek (Brendan Sexton III), picks up the sisters from Marie’s job at “Pup n’ Fries” and Marie announces to him that Cherie has gotten her period.

Angry at her sister for telling, she informs Derek that Marie is not wearing any underwear.

Later, Cherie is seen cutting her hair in a shag and putting on face makeup in an attempt to create a David Bowie-type look. The scene is accompanied by scenes of Joan huffing marijuana with her girlfriend.

Cherie is later seen lip-syncing David Bowie at the school talent show and is the target of paper balls, to which Cherie reacts by flipping off the crowd, but wins the talent show.

Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) is making out with a guy outside a club when she sees record producer, Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon).

Joan approaches him and talks about starting an all-girl rock band. Kim is interested and introduces Joan to Sandy West (Stella Maeve), a drummer.

Joan and Sandy become friends and start jamming when Kim suggests that they recruit a hot blonde.


Loria Sigismondi


Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Michael Shannon, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Brett Cullen.



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